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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (


CIC Newsletter

A monthly e-newsletter that guides K-12 teachers to the best of the web.

Update! The CIC Newsletter is now a blog and is updated on a weekly basis. You can find it online at

Special Spring/Summer Edition: Office Tutorials for Teachers

April 2003: Newsletter Posted on the Blog!

March 2003: BLOGS!

February 2003: From the VCOL Database

January 2003: From Karen's Email

December 2002: Graphics

November 2002: Working the Web

October 2002: Great Websites for Kids

September 2002: Back to School with Blue Web'n

July/August 2002: Happy Summer!

June 2002: Cool Sites

May 2002: Spreadsheets and Databases in the Classroom

April 2002: Focus on Discovery School website

March 2002: The Interactive Web

February 2002: Create Your Own Website

January 2002: Webquests, Contests

Special Edition: Hyperstudio

December 2001: Holidays

November 2001: Elementary Resources, Listservs

October 2001: Tutorials, Resources, Hyperstudio