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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
December 2002

 This Month:

All About Graphics

This month, we feature ten websites that deal with finding and using graphics.

  1. Google Images: The search engine that has revolutionized searching also offers image search. Just click on the image button on the homepage, type in your keywords and you're ready to go. Click on the thumnail to view a full-sized image or visit the website where the image is located to find more.
  2. Using Graphics in Office: Illustrated tutorial on inserting and editing clip art and images in Office
  3. The Library of Congress has many Civil War photographs, most of which are in the public domain:
  4. Yellowstone National Park offers a variety of public-domain images for use without permission:
  5. Discovery School: Looking for school-related clip art? Start here...
  6. Animation Factory: This site offers some free animated graphics with interesting editing features.
  7. Photo Editor Tutorial: A quick and easy introduction to this image editor.
  8. Graphics and Web Design: An excellent introduction to using graphics on web pages.
  9. Backgrounds for Educators and Others: Links to a variety of background sites.
  10. Digital Cameras: One source of images can come from your digital camera. This resources deals with all things digital:

Feature Web:

Assorted Stuff

From a teacher in Fairfax, the top 101 websites for educators.