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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
July/August 2002

 This Month:

Happy Summer

In honor of summer and America...

1. Patriotic Software for your PC: From screensavers to maps to geography games, mostly freeware to download.

2. Online Games: Lots of patriotic games

3. Fourth of July Celebrations Database: This database was begun in 1995 by James Heintze, Librarian at American University, Washington, D.C. Its purpose is to bring together in one source selected examples of Fourth of July celebrations that have occurred throughout our nation's history from 1776 to 2002. The goal is to capture a slice of the American cultural tradition--its pageantry, spectacle, music, and symbol--in the hopes that an examination of these events will add to our understanding of the American character and heritage.

4. Just for Fun: Create Your Own Fireworks!

5. The Science of Baseball: From the Exploratorium, exhibits and activities about baseball.

6. Celebrate Summer: Lots of fun links with a summer theme from the Family Education Network.,1156,1-7122,00.html

7. Summer Lesson Plans: Ideas for summer lessons including crafts, songs, and recipes...and a special section on bugs!

8. Sea and Sky: A website that explores the two great frontiers with information, learning activities and games.

9. Stormy Weather: An excellent site about weather with lessons and interactive investigations.

10. Waikiki Cam: Can't get to the beach? See it online. After you visit Waikiki, go to Google and type in "beach cam" to check out other beaches online.

Feature Web:

Blue Web'n

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