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Professional Development Resources


These webquests are designed to be used with teachers and principals. The self-paced lessons show educators how to align curriculum and locate technology resources.

Developing A Learner-Centered Curriculum Unit (WebQuest)

Using Technology to Align Curriculum (WebQuest)

Technology and Teaching Strategies WebQuests:

Fourth Grade Science (Administrators)
The Scarlet Letter (Administrators)

Fourth Grade Science (Teachers)
The Scarlet Letter (Teachers)

Decision Making Model

This model is designed to be used by classroom teachers as they plan instruction. Teachers choose objectives, organize strategies and then view suggestions for how technology might support instruction in this particular instance.

Decision Making Model:

Broadband Version (Audio)

Lite Version (No Audio)


Workshop Resources

 Web Design

General introduction to the tenets of web design with a focus on educators

Workshop Web

Everything Web

Internet productivity tools help teachers utilize Internet resources in their classrooms

Workshop Web

Technology in the Classroom

Resources related to all areas of the classroom including classroom management, software, and the Internet to aid integration

Workshop Web 

Technology for Administrators

Resources for school administrators to help them formulate a technology vision, identify best practices, and evaluate technology use.

Workshop Web


Visit Virginia's Community of Learning


For the most up-to-date news, information and resources, read the blogs:

For access to presentations and other resources, visit my Wikispaces site.

Media Literacy Definition, Standards and Skills (PDF)

NEW! Podcasting Screencast (Streaming Quicktime)

The "new" ITRT Presentation (ppt, html)

The Principalship and Technology (web version)

Communicating with Technology: A Guide for Administrators (web version)

Brainstorming (pdf)

21st Century Skills: Chesterfield VITAL Workshop (ppt, html)

Meeting Without the Meetings: T/TAC Symposium, The College of William and Mary (ppt, html)

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Training (ppt, html)

Colonial Institute, June 20, 2005
Inspiration File

Encouraging Change:
A Presentation for Chesterfield County Public Schools (ppt, html, pdf)

The Media Specialist and Technology

Principalship Websites

EPPL 611 Introduction to Technology

EdTech 2005 Handout

EdTech 2005 Keynote (ppt, html, pdf)

My Favorite Websites: the Top 20

Quick and Dirty Dreamweaver Page

Digital Microscope Activity

Emerging Technologies Digital Handout

Blogs, Wikis and Other Web Wonders

Blogs for Educators

My Delicious

Sample Backpack Page

My Quia Page

My PortaPortal Page

My Backflip Page

Resources to Accompany Marzano

Technology Planning Resources

Computers in the Classroom Newsletter (Archive)

Video Tutorials

Research Resources

Browse Resources



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