Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
October 2001

This Month:

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October's Top Ten Websites:

1. The Act2 Listserv Email:

2. The Act2 Group Homepage: (You'll have to login to access the page. If you don't have and don't want a Yahoo login, you can use the group login.)

3. Cool Outlook Express tutorial: Check out the other tutorials:

4. Microsoft Outlook Tutorial:

5. THE Teacher Webpage:

6. Teach-nology Free Calendar: (You'll need to create a login and password but your calendar is available to everyone.) Here's the URL for my calendar:

7. Javascripts: and

8. Microsoft Education Site:

9. Apple's Education Gallery:

10. Guide to Buying a Computer:


Feature Web:

This movie shows the best of what students can do with technology. Check out "What's the Bernoulli Principle?" These students used iMovie to create but you could do something similar with PowerPoint, Hyperstudio, or a website.


Top Ten Hyperstudio Sites

Hyperstudio Web Site: Hyperstudio homepage featuring projects, tips, and downloads

Advanced Hyperstudio Tips: Advanced Hyperstudio tips make you look like a pro!

Control Netscape Navigator Using HyperStudio: Making links in Hyperstudio

HyperInternet - Truly Multimedia Writing: Numerous handouts and tutorials about using Hyperstudio and integrating into the classroom.

HyperStudio: Neat idea for making a Hyperstudio card into a drawing pad for your students.

Hyperstudio Extra Art Site: Extra clipart for use with Hyperstudio

Hyperstudio Ideas, Lessons & Projects: At this site you will find lots of ideas for active learning Hyperstudio projects in language arts, science, social studies and even enrichment.

HyperStudio Projects: HyperStudio Workshop Professional Development Home

Novel Uses for Software: Creative ideas for using many software applications including Hyperstudio

Special Access NBAs: Designed to help special needs students access Hyperstudio stacks.