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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
June 2002

 This Month:

Cool Learning

An odd collection of websites...

1. The Space Place: From the Jet Propulsion Lab, this website make space fun. There are spacey things to make (like an El Nino pudding) and do (like a startship maze). The site also has goodies for teachers.

2. Kindergarten Games on the Web: From our own kindergarten teachers, a great list of web resources from early elementary students, correlated to the SOL and divided by curriculum area.

3. Virtual Tour: This virtual tour of two exhibits at the National Museum of the American Indian was created by students. It is fascinating in both content area and use of technology.

4. Internet Moving Pictures Archive: Over 900 movies from the Prelinger Collection mostly dealing with everday life and culture in 20th century America. There are advertisements, movies made by companies, educational films and more. A quirky collection that makes America come alive.

5. Full of interesting games and features to help you through the steamy summer afternoons.

6. The National Park Service: Browse the parks, plan a vacation, view a webcam...this is the homepage for our National Parks.

7. Switcherzoo: Just for fun, switch legs, heads, and tails to create unusual animals.

8. San Francisco Symphony: Very cool website about music and the different instruments in the orchestra including sounds and 3D views. You can create your own masterpiece using the composerizer.

9. The Smithsonian Institution: I love the Smithsonian. It's neat to be able to explore all those museums for free! And their online exhibits are pretty cool too.

The Lunar Roving Vehicle is one of my favorites at the Air and Space Museum:

10. UVA Rotunda Cam: In honor of LB and his new degree, here's a webcam that broadcasts from UVA. Includes very cool time lapse images.

I found the link at Hyperville.

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