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Computers in the Classroom

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 This Month:

From Karen's Email

  1. Creature Feature: From National Geographic, a great resource on animals that includes facts, graphics, audio and video.
  2. Free Stuff: From Teacher Created Materials, free samples of materials as well as online resources. Updated monthly.
  3. Multiflyer: Fun multiplication game with levels of difficulty.
  4. Orisinal: Not sure how educational this site is but the games are relatively easy and fun. Actually with the ethereal music, they are also relaxing. Check out the experiments, too. This site shows you the possibilities of Flash.
  5. The Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation: I can't explain it but it is a fun website that involves kids in problem solving and decoding.
  6. Monticello: The website for Thomas Jefferson's home is full of great stuff! Don't miss the new section on Lewis and Clark.
  7. More Lewis and Clark: From MSNBC, the Pencil News followed the Lewis and Clark trail. Read their journals and learn more about Lewis and Clark.
  8. Time Person of the Year: This years' winners were whistle blowers. You can browse the archives and special features.
  9. Children's Book Council: Excellent resource for information on authors and illustrators of children's books.
  10. A Handbook for Integration: From the Virginia Department of Education, a handbook with sample lessons and resources to help with integrating technology.

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A one-top portal for teachers. You can post homework and notes and update a calendar, all for free. There are lesson plans and other resources.