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Computers in the Classroom

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 This Month:


This month, I'm featuring "blogs." These web logs make publishing regularly to the web quick and easy. The "mother of all" blog sites. You can set up an account and be publishing in about five minutes. You can also browse other people's blogs.

VITALNews: My blog for administrators

Act2Online: My blog for the Act2 grant

Writing With Web Logs: This article prompted me to check out blogs. I had heard about them but hadn't thought too much about their educational application.

weblogg-ed: Will Richardson's website devoted to blogging. He also links to lots of other blogs including some of his students' work.

The Secret Life of Bees: Will Richardson's class discusses the novel along with Sue Monk Kidd and his students.

homoLudens: More blog information and resources from Pat Delaney.

Goochland County: A little closer to home, the Goochland County schools are using blogs for everything from the School Board minutes to teacher webpages. I've linked to one teacher's "learning portal."

Live Journal: Another free blogging program

Blog PowerPoint: PowerPoint that defines blogs and talks about their use in education.

Feature Web

Virginia's Community of Learning

We've featured it before but now it's updated and enhanced with search capabilities. Soon to come..My VCOL!