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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
November 2002

 This Month:

Working the Web

I receive several emails each month with recommended websites. This month, I culled them and picked ten that I think offer activities and resources that are perfect for you.

1. Learning Styles Questionnaire: We've heard a lot about multiple intelligences and different learning styles. Want to find out what kind of learner you are? Fill out the questionnaire and find out where you fall on four different scales.

2. Eco-Games: From the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota, two interactive problem-solving games: Build a Prairie and The Watershed Game.

3. The Jason Project: Begun by Robert Ballard after his discover of the Titanic, the JASON Foundation for Education is dedicated to inspiring in students a lifelong passion to pursue learning in science, math, and technology through exploration and discovery. A different expedition is sponsored each year. Even if you choose not to join the project, the websites are an amazing collection of information, photos, chats and more.

4. Primary Games: Games designed for elementary students in all subject areas. Have fun!

5. As you may have guessed from the title, this website is all about time. How many days until 2003? What time is it in Japan? When will you be 15,000 days old? You can answer all those questions and more at this website.

6. Daylight Savings Time: Sponsored by the California Energy Commission, this website describes the history of daylight savings time and its effect on energy savings.

7. Webquests: Looking for webquests? Then this is your website: the quests are organized by grade level and cover a variety of topics.

8. The Electric Heart: This website accompanied the Nova program on artificial hearts. Don't miss your chance to complete a heart transplant online.

9. Cool Math 4 Kids: A great website all about math! There are lesson, games and more....

10. Internet Detectives: From the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin, a web index with sites recommended by students.

Feature Web:

National Geographic Online Just amazing website! Visit the kids section for lots of interactive learning activities, listen to Pulse of the Planet, and play with the Map Machine.