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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
February 2002

 This Month:

February's Top Ten Websites:
Creating Your Own Website

1. Quia: This is an all-purpose website creation spot for teachers: design a webpage, make a game, create an online quiz, or find activities related to your textbook. It's easy and fun to use but makes you look like an expert! The premium version eliminates banner ads and provides some additional games. BTW, Quia stands for Quintessential Instructional Archive and is pronounced key-uh. If you want to see one I made, the URL is

2.TeacherWeb: This free site makes website creation easy but allows enough freedom to be of interest to those with all levels of expertise. It includes a webquest template.

3. Funbrain: Mostly designed for administering online quizzes, Funbrain allows very simple webpage design that can include a welcome message, calendar, and links. If you want to see one I made, go to the Quizlab and use the secret word "williammary."

4. My School Online: This site is really designed to be used by schools to provide easy webpages for each teachers. There is very little flexibility but lots of built-in tools like a calendar. You can even have a gradebook that parents can view online. This site is related to Funbrain. Here's mine:

5. Geocities: One of the first websites to offer free webpages and probably one of the largest. It's owned by Yahoo now so you'll have to register but after that, it literally took me minutes to create a webpage. For you power users out there who want more flexibility, the Page Builder lets you start from scratch but doesn't require any knowledge of html code. Visit my personal page that includes a link to a page about the Outer Banks as well as my own picture:

6. An all-purpose website for teachers with a few tools to help you with webspage creation. Its Homepage Creation tool allows you to design a page but not post it, however, so it's mainly for those of you interested in doing a lot of your own editing. There are links to typical javascripts and a very helpful manual.

7. Of course, this site has a website builder. It's easy and allows lots of pages. And...don't forget about the free calendar, too.

8. Netfiles Website Tutorial: Are you ready to do it from scratch? Netfiles, sponsored by WHRO, has an excellent online tutorial that's easy to follow and includes videos to help make html simple!

9. Teacher Websites: Look here to see what other teachers have done...

10. Discovery School: While this site doesn't allow you to make webpages, it does provide other tools like puzzlemaker, worksheet generator, quiz center and lesson planner.

11. Bonus Site! Hooked on making web pages? Ready to move beyond the "canned" sites? Start here for free tutorials in writing code, learning scripts, and many other resource to turn you into a regular webmaster!


Feature Web:

If you use any public broadcasting resources in your classroom or are wondering how you might integrate that recent Ken Burn's film in your lit class, this site will be your favorite. The lesson plans are detailed with plenty of resouces.