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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (

 This Month:

From the Virginia Community of Learning Database

I've been updating the VCOL database and found the following gems...

  1. Quality Information Checklist: Website to help kids evaluate websites
  2. Botswana: Two journalists record their African safari with lots of photos, video and audio.
  3. IE Speakster: Software that reads web pages to you
  4. 42explore: Different from a search engine, this site chooses themes for which they write basic information, site four web resources and offer suggestions for projects.
  5. SchwabLearning: Guide for parents of kids with disabilities that can be useful to educators as well
  6. FE Kids: Website from the Family Education Network that includes homework help and lots of fun games. Links to Fact Monster and Funbrain are included
  7. Firefighter Protective Clothing Tour: Narrated website from Davis, California, fire department that talks about how firefighters are protected.
  8. The Museum of Hoaxes: Defines hoaxes and provides examples from throughout history. Make sure to take the tests.
  9. Around the Fleet Photo Gallery: Navy photos
  10. Science Timeline: Timeline of scientific discovery starting at 1000 AD. Includes links to information and activities related to various scientists and discoveries

Feature Web


Designed by the Science Alberta Foundation, this website is designed to get kids excited about wondering. Amazing graphics, video, and audio make it accessible to a variety of grade levels.