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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
March 2002

 This Month:

March's Top Ten Websites:
The Interactive Web

1. Arthur's Website: From Public Broadcasting, the website that accompanies the Arthur television series. Lots of engaging educational activities.

2. Create Your Own Scenario: A simple idea to help students create dialogs.

3. The Literacy Center: Interactive activities for the youngest learners. Large graphics and sound files make this perfect for K-2.

4. Cool Science for Curious Kids: Simple, interactive science activities

5. Dragonfly: Online science activities on various topics

6. Explore Science: Highly interactive science website

7. A central clearing house for math instruction on the web that includes lots of interactive tutorials

8 Explore Math: Highly interactive math website

9. American Presidents Field Trip: Extensive resources about the Presidency

10. WhoWhatWhen: Interactive historical timelines


Feature Web:

Shameless Self Promotion: I recently saved my 1,000th website to my backflip site. Have you been there lately?