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Computers in the Classroom

Compiled by Karen Work Richardson (
November 2001

 This Month:

November's Top Ten Websites:

1. The Bunny Readers Project: A great example of a collaborative project

2. Ed-SITEment: Lesson plans in the humanities

3. National Geographic: Geography lesson plans for all grades

4. Little Explorers: An online picture dictionary

5. Early Elementary: Resources from Scholastic from the PreK-2 classroom

6. The Miss Rumphius Award: Given to teachers who make the Internet a better place

7. Teaching Virginia Standards of Learning: Resources and strategies related to every SOL

8. Search Engines for Kids:

9. Tek-Mom's Search Tools for Students:

10. Eduplace: Houghton Mifflin's K-8 website


Feature Web:

When in doubt, Ask Eric. The Educational Resources Information Center has more "stuff" than you'll ever be able to view. From the homepage, click the button that says Topics A to Z to get a feel for the vast quantity of information and resources.


Discussion Groups and Email Lists

The World Wide Web is all about communicating with other people and for teachers, there are lots of ways to get in touch with others who can help make integrating technology fun and easy! This month, we feature a few ideas for talking to other education professionals.

Tapped In:

This online professional community provides a meeting place and support for a variety of collaborative activities. New to collaboration? Tapped In is the place to start with a full schedule of online meetings and resources for anyone interested in online projects.


These mailing lists allow you to communicate with others who share your professional or personal interests without the time constraints of live chat. Participants subscribe to the list and can then post their own messages and respond to others. With so many lists available, the hardest part is finding the right one for you. Some are very active with many pieces of mail and lively discussions each day. Others are less intense with perhaps only a monthly newsletter as part of the subscription.

So, where to start? Try the AskEric Virtual Library: They provide archives of a variety of lists so you can review the previous postings before subscribing.

Marcopolo is an incredible resource for educators interested in quality lessons that incorporate in the Internet. In addition, they sponsor an active listserv that covers wide-ranging education topics. The link goes to their home page. Click MP Community to acces the subscription page. provides a comprehensive list of discussion groups not limited to education.

Classroom Connect sponsors lots of education-related lists including one for Virginia: