I Think I’m In Love

Is it possible? After all these years?

I’m in love with a phone.

My relationships with cell phones have been somewhat spotty. I started life with a AAA phone in 1998, moved to one of the first Treos, and then settled on a pay-as-you-go phone from Target. It worked for me since all I really used it for was to call my husband from the road to let him know when I would be getting home. Lately, though, I’ve been feeling very outdated. In a meeting earlier this year, I was the only person who wasn’t clearly communicating with the others through text messaging, reduced instead to jotting notes on a colleague’s pad of paper. And, I’m anticipating being on the road more often and don’t want to have to rely on available wireless networks to do a quick email check. Lots of reasons…

So, I took the smart phone plunge. But, I didn’t buy an iPhone even though as a Mac user, I really wanted one. With coverage continuing to be an issue, I went with the Droid. And, after two weeks, I can honestly say that I love it and I’ve hardly made any phone calls at all! I check email, post to Twitter, and take and upload photos to flickr. I’m reading a book, listening to music, and playing Sudoku. In a few minutes, I’m heading to a class and I’m honestly thinking about skipping the laptop altogether and just taking the phone. I’ve gotten pretty good at using the keyboard, both virtual and hardware.

There’s still some things to work out: I couldn’t get the wordpress app to work so I’m posting this entry from my desktop. The phone won’t connect to our home wireless but it’s the fault of our old router, I think.

But every relationship has a few bumpy patches and I’m willing to live with these minor annoyances because I just love this phone!

2 thoughts on “I Think I’m In Love

  1. I’m surprised that you were not up-to-date on cell phones as techno-savvy as you are! Thanks for the info on the Droid. I will be looking to upgrade in the next couple of months from my Blackberry Curve and wasn’t sure what folks thought of the Droid.

  2. I got to play with a Droid back at Thanksgiving and it was really fun! Did you know there’s a star map app? Hold the phone up over your head and look up at the screen. The phone knows your GPS location and will show you a map of what the star constellations will look like tonight — accurately! Pretty amazing.

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