woman at podiumWelcome! You have come upon the professional blog of Dr. Karen Work Richardson. My main day job is as the Executive Director of the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, an organization devoted to my passion: educational technology. I was introduced to computers in 1983 while in college and bought a Tandy 1000 as my first desktop. (Yes, I am a veteran.)

I did my first ed tech professional development in 1988 as a young teacher have never looked back. I LOVE technology and most days I will spend some time just “playing”: coding on my Pi Top, playing Minecraft, designing new Makey Makey projects, and programming robots.

Side gigs include teaching a school technology course at University of Richmond and doing instructional design consulting for online learning. At one my point, my resume led with the goal of working from home in my pajamas and, with the exception of face to face events, I have largely reached that goal.

Home is an 18-acre farm an hour of east of Richmond. The house dates from 1854. We have lived and farmed there in various capacities (pigs, vegetables, hay, chickens, and so forth) for a decade. Living in a rural, impoverished community has given me insights into inequity in all its forms and my goal in 2019 is both local and global: work with the kids in my town to promote STEM skills and work on digital equity policy making with state and national leaders.


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