Spend Some Time With Sebene

Sebene Selassie

Sebene Selassie is one of the lead teachers for Ten Percent Happier. I have probably meditated with her hundreds of times over the past few years. Her book, You Belong, is an exploration of finding connection in a world that often focuses on division. She introduced me to Audre Lorde.

I find her personal story compelling:

Growing up, I felt like a big weirdo. I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in white neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. I was a tomboy, immigrant, Black girl who loved Monty Python and UB40, explored Asian philosophy, and did not go to prom. I never believed I belonged. But I do. So do you.

In addition, she has suffered at least four rounds of cancer, including one in the past year and she speaks honestly about how those struggles impact her life and practice. I find her fun, refreshing and serious, all at the same time.

She writes two newsletters a month, on the new and full month. Here is her more recent one in which she muses on learning about astrology (something I am exploring as well), Octavia Butler, and coupling. Take some time to read it and follow her links as they give a better sense of her philosophical grounding.

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