Boys Can Be Ballerinas

As a woman of a certain age, it can be easy to think about all the things I was told I could and couldn’t do. I could be a nurse but not a doctor. I could be a teacher but not a principal. I could serve coffee and cookies after church but not serve as an usher during the service.

But, I could be a ballerina and, probably like many little girls, dreamed of floating around the stage in my toe shoes, silky costume flowing around me.

Mired in my own limitation, I am sorry to admit that I didn’t think that much about the messages that boys were getting about what they could and could not do. The American Masters documentary Ballerina Boys reminded me that we all have stories of being told what we could and could not do with our lives. Some, like these dancers, said forget  (or perhaps f***) that, and made their own way. It is a wonderful story and I can highly recommend watching it. You can check out the preview but need a PBS passport account to view the full episode.*


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