More on Gamifying Reading

I’ve written about gamifying reading before both here and at In One Place, my mostly reading blog. I’m continuing this approach as part of National Reading Month*, celebrated in March.

In The Story, Amazon’s new reading newsletter, they featured Book Bingo, a bingo card with ideas for different kinds of books to read. I printed it out and decided to go for a black out, filling in all the blocks. I’m two books in and will certainly not finish it by the end of the month, but I’m happy to keep playing for the rest of the year as a way to mix up my reading. It has already encouraged me to pull The Man in the High Castle off the shelf as an example of a genre I don’t usually read, that of alternate history.

Interested? You can download the bingo card here.

*I can’t seem to find the actual sponsor for National Reading Month. It’s linked to NEA’s Read Across America program that celebrates Dr. Seuss’s birthday at the beginning of the month.

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