My First Project

My first movie–Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary–is in the can.  Actually, it is is the envelope since I burned it to DVD.  I really want to upload it to the web but can’t seem to get it small enough.

I am, all in all, pretty pleased with the project. It definitely evolved.  I had originally planned to do just the music part, and only added the introduction over the past few days after I had an inspiration.  I think the introduction helps because it names a lot of the animals you see in the musical part.

I picked Corkscrew as a topic because it was small; we only spent a few hours there.  Unfortunately, that meant we didn’t have a ton of footage; you’ll see a lot of repeats, like the little blue heron.  We probably stood and watched him for 10 minutes so he shows up a lot in the video.  As I consider my next project, the amount of video and number of images available will be a consideration.

I only used a few transitions in the piece.  I want to experiment with them and filters during the next project.

I think I wasted a lot of time on the music.  Using midi files with multiple tracks will help speed that process along even if it means I’m not performing the song.

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