On My Own

My current iPad game is My kingdom For a Princess. Typical building/time management game. Like many of these games, you can move forward without achieving expert level, but I prefer to play that way.  Well, I got stumped. So, I did what I always do: cheat. Or I should say I tried to cheat.

But I couldn’t find a walkthrough of this level anywhere. It was something of an outlier as it appeared after I completed a level. And no one seemed to be offering suggestions. I was only losing by a few seconds but nothing I tried made the difference. Until…

I remembered a tip I had read when I first started playing. You don’t always have to collect all the resources. Taking that advice along with my own observations, I tried something completely different, working down a different path and ignoring a few caches of materials that I had simply assumed I needed. And low and behold, it worked. I had been seduced by riches and taken my focus off the ultimate goal.

Life lesson? Probably but it is Friday and I am not in a reflective mood so for now it is just a gaming lesson and one I will continue to apply as I move into the next level.

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