The Heart of the Sea

Minecraft Inventory If you haven’t played Minecraft, you may want to move on. If you do play, then you’ll know how excited I was to discover a shipwreck that included a buried treasure map that led to finding The Heart of the Sea. For an hour this afternoon, I was completely absorbed in the process, including getting some advice from online Minecraft sites about finding the buried treasure.

Minecraft doesn’t always feel like a game. I use a few cheats that allow me to “mostly” play in the survival mode but mitigate the effects of dying. My play is open-ended: building, mining, and trading depending on my mood. Today, I felt like I was playing a game with a goal that led to a journey, some challenges, and a final reward: the rare Heart of the Sea. I feel successful even if I am not completely sure how to use it. That will come later.

And, once again, I am reminded of the freedom of having a flexible schedule. I have evening meetings for the next two night so take that into account when planning my days. So, after having to travel in the rain this morning, I came home and took a break to discover the Heart of the Sea.

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