Composting in Minecraft

While I don’t play all the time, I do sometimes dive into Minecraft for a few days or a few weeks. I find it relaxing.

I started a new game about a week ago. A Minecraft screenshot showing gardens
I’ve gotten past the initial startup and am now building vegetable gardens. I like the way they have come together but I have a row of pumpkins that won’t fruit. Not sure why as the light is correct and they have a block next to them for the actual pumpkin.

I had a bunch of oak slabs left over from my roof project and discovered they could be used to make a composter. I placed it in the corner of the garden and didn’t think too much about it. Guess I figured it was decorative. Well, it turns out that it composts. And it particularly likes cake and pumpkin pie. Stuff it full of compostable stuff and you get bone meal back. The green crystals are the compost being made.


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