Relaxing With Minecraft

I am not much of a gamer but, for some reason, I find Minecraft very relaxing, even when I’m getting blown up and losing all my stuff. It’s pretty easy to avoid dying, actually, but if you just want to build, you can switch into the creative mode that is safe and offers up all the inventory you could ever want. Miners are doing some amazing things with this game/tool. If you are only vaguely aware of Minecraft, the official site is a good starting point for learning more.

I don’t play all the time–I binge for a few days every couple months–but in this go round, which has lasted a few days, I am pretty enamored of the world where was I was spawned. Easy access to resources along with some interesting new features and items. Normally, I play for awhile and then lose interest and delete the world. But, I may keep this one around and stop in now and then.

I was going to name this post Minecraft Mindfulness because playing the game has a flow-like quality that can shut out the rest of the world and focus my thoughts.

What do you do that others might see as “wasting time” but helps relax and focus your mind?

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