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PAD #18: Tell Their Story

I’ve been browsing the Digital Public Library of America’s Women in Science Collection and found this interesting photo titled, Chemistry class – women’s from the Atlanta University, Robert Woodruff Library. The description says that these are unidentified students in a chemistry class. I think it would be a great prompt for students to learn more about science education for both women and African American women in particular. The date range is 1862 – 1923. Who are these students? Where might be they be studying chemistry?

Chemistry Class Postcard


PAD #16: Booklover’s Map of America Interactive

I am working on my keynote and continuing to explore the Digital Public Library. I checked out the slide deck for Community Representatives and found the lovely Booklover’s Map of America. It makes a great interactive activity when slotted in as the background of a Google Slide. Please consider adding your favorite author or book. Just click on the map and it will take you to the editable slide. I added Ivan Doig to the Two Medicine region of southeastern Montana. He is one of my favorites, a wonderful storyteller and country philosopher.

Booklover's Map of America

PAD #14 & #15: Pi Day Fun

The conference finally got the best of me and I fell asleep before creating my postcard. So, here are two, both celebrating Pi Day in a different way.

I search the Digital Public Library for “pie” and found this wonderful costume design called Pineapple Pie:

Woman in a pie costume


















And this lithograph of pi is part of a set of greek letters that are associated with two names: Ovide Reynard and Jean Jacques Theodore Sauve. I couldn’t find any real information about either of them and I thought this might be an interesting way to challenge students to do research, maybe as an engaging starter for a unit:

Lithograph of Pi with decorative border