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Filling Out My Bingo Card

I spent an enjoyable afternoon considering my reading for 2020 through the lens of the Bingo card challenge at LibraryThing. This challenge is a collection of 25 reading prompts from “a book with a red cover” to “a book by a non US/UK female” and everything in between. I only had one square left on my card last year and found that the challenge had me think about books in different ways.

Participants in the challenge share their reading in a wiki. It’s always interesting to see which books people choose as there is rarely a particular genre attached to the prompt. That book with the red cover could be nonfiction, fiction or poetry.

I try to find a balance each year between planning my reading and finding space for serendipity. Part of the fun of the Bingo card is seeing how books fit even when you didn’t realize it.