PAD #20: Butterflies & Hanzi

This week fell apart sometime on Monday afternoon, I think, due to late winter/early spring snows. My keynotes were postponed and the weekend meeting was cancelled. Honest to goodness snow days even though we didn’t actually have snow, just the rest of the world, it seems.

I took a bit of a break from the routines of life…finished up the to do list as much as I could, watched West Wing reruns and crocheted, and was a little surprised when I opened the blog to find that I had not done a postcard all week. I *did* mail some postcards to people from #clmooc using an online service that made it easy. So, there’s that…

In the spirit of meditation, I am just going to begin again and may or may not get caught up. For now, I used the #marchdoodle #clmooc prompt from March 20: butterflies and quickly found this lovely piece of writing. I cannot read it but it doesn’t really matter. I was going to doodle on it myself but (re)discovered the Haiku app on my iPad and wrote a poem instead. It occurred to me that I have turned the corner from using other peoples’ words on the postcards to using my own. This was fun and easy so I may do a series.



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