Postcard A Day for March 2018

A couple creative threads are coming together this month:

First: I am doing a keynote for a couple librarian groups in Virginia and want to spend some time introducing them to the Digital Public Library of America. It is a portal to digital library collections and a wonderful way into primary sources. Plus, because the media comes from many organizations, it is also an opportunity to talk about copyright. But I also want to give the participants some creative ideas for what to do with the media.

Second: I participate sporadically in the work of ds106’s The Daily Create and CLMOOC and love the way they spark my creativity. March is CLMOOC’s Postcard Remix month. Pretty simple idea: Create postcards and mail them to those who sign up.

Put them together and you get my plan for creating a postcard every day of March. I haven’t picked a theme, but it is Women’s History Month so that’s a good starting point.

Postcard #1:

Woman on Bike



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