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Snow Day

Today was supposed to be an out-of-the-house day with a trip on the ferry to Williamsburg. But, snow cancelled all that including meeting online as my colleagues on the other side of the river did not have power. We were fortunate in that way but I’m not sure how long it will be before we can get down our long muddy driveway.

I did a bit of work, but then decided that the rest of it could wait.  I took a snow day. I’m working on a miniature green house that will be a gift for my sister, an avid gardener. I have not done doll house work before, but I like putting things together. The miniature work is challenging, and I’ve learned not to fuss too much. No one will be examining it too closely.

The joy of a snow day is the spontaneity. The day to day routine gets disrupted, and life slows in a satisfying way. I am supportive of schools who are implementing digital learning so snow days are seen as learning days and not something that needs to be “made up,” but I hope the snow day learning is as personal as possible. Encourage kids to do something they enjoy doing and then reflect a bit about what they experienced and learned as they engaged in that activity. Stop feeling as though we have to fill their time, give them the gift of just doing something for the joy of it.


PAD #24, 25, 26: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I haven’t been home for a full weekend for several weeks and with a mostly caught up to do list, I decided to take a weekend off. What does that mean? I read Ken Follett’s A Column of Fire and crocheted while watching reruns of The West Wing. I cooked some good meals and baked scones. I meditated and did most of the laundry.

But now I am back at work a bit…it is Spring Break somewhere in the world, right? And I didn’t want to miss Opening Day. I do not have the passion for baseball that some of my friends do but I appreciate its calm cerebral pacing and would love to learn to fill out a score sheet. Perhaps a retirement plan?

For now, a few visual reminders of the nation’s pass time, discovered at the Digital Public Library of America. The collage is all public domain imagery including the sheet music.

Opening Day 2018

The two postcards are from the Tichnor Brothers Postcard Collection at the Boston Public Library. I have a few old postcards but none as beautiful and evocative as these. And, they are listed as having no known copyright restrictions. Ebbets Field Yankee Stadium


PAD #21: Wild Turkey Haiku

A recent addition to the Digital Public Library of America is access to John James Audobon’s Birds of America. An amazing collection and in the public domain.

I decided to do a second Haiku but skip the app and just use Preview. I’m finding that I can do a lot with this free Mac tool.

We love wild turkeys…you see flocks in the fields and we have watched a couple families grow up on the farm.

Wild Turkey

PAD #20: Butterflies & Hanzi

This week fell apart sometime on Monday afternoon, I think, due to late winter/early spring snows. My keynotes were postponed and the weekend meeting was cancelled. Honest to goodness snow days even though we didn’t actually have snow, just the rest of the world, it seems.

I took a bit of a break from the routines of life…finished up the to do list as much as I could, watched West Wing reruns and crocheted, and was a little surprised when I opened the blog to find that I had not done a postcard all week. I *did* mail some postcards to people from #clmooc using an online service that made it easy. So, there’s that…

In the spirit of meditation, I am just going to begin again and may or may not get caught up. For now, I used the #marchdoodle #clmooc prompt from March 20: butterflies and quickly found this lovely piece of writing. I cannot read it but it doesn’t really matter. I was going to doodle on it myself but (re)discovered the Haiku app on my iPad and wrote a poem instead. It occurred to me that I have turned the corner from using other peoples’ words on the postcards to using my own. This was fun and easy so I may do a series.